Be Sure Of Your Online Shopping Transactions With Kaspersky Security

Kaspersky internet security is a powerful antivirus program that offers security features for a discrete range of options. Family and Kaspersky Security Cloud bring personal security attributes understanding that online shopping can also cause you a big loss. Kaspersky Safe Money is a specially designed web browser extension to protect sensitive data. Its prime purpose is that it can be assuredly used for concocting payments and dealing with raw information.

Kaspersky Security

Hackers have various ways to breach into your data using your online money transactions details done for shopping. If this happens, you may find your empty bank account the next day you wake up after shopping. Now, to help users from such mishaps, Kaspersky support has put forward Kaspersky internet security for a safe money transaction. Also, if you wish to know more about the safe money extension, connect with Kaspersky Support.

However, when users make the use of Kaspersky Safe Money, they do not have to be afraid of cyber crooks. It has been rigorously produced to get users the best online shopping and data security experience.

You only need to make some changes and you are protected to shop until drop.

How to use Kaspersky Safe Money?

  1. Go to and enter you product key associated with Kaspersky internet security safe money
  2. Install and enable Kaspersky Protection plug-in in the web browser you use for online shopping and on all the browser for safe chances (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and/ or Google Chrome)
  • Connect with Kaspersky Support tram to understand how to enable the plug-in, and activate software at
  1. In the search bar of your web browser, enter an online banking address or a payment system address and go
  2. A confirmation will appear, click ‘Continue’ in Safe Browser

Your transactions are now safe. You can instantly make money transaction without thinking. However, if any problem takes place, seek help from Kaspersky Support and the experts will help you to make the right changes.

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