How to fix “Error occurred during application installation” in Kaspersky?

Kaspersky is considered to be one among the topmost selling internet security software companies in the online market, over the past few years. Kaspersky antivirus provides real-time protection from the various security threats like trojan, malware, and many other new viruses. It is available in both paid as well as unpaid (free) versions. Kaspersky gets compatible with all the devices as well as platforms.

kaspersky activation code

Normally, Kaspersky works brilliantly on any system including PC but sometimes the user may face certain common issues like the application installation error, subscription error, expired license, billing error, and many more. As no products or companies offer you with 100% error- free products neither Kaspersky Lab provides.

Check out the steps as listed below, to solve the issue-

  1. Go for creating a restore point.

For Windows 10

  • Look for the search box and type ‘Create a restore point’ option to click on it.
  • On the ‘System Protection’ tab, look for ‘System Properties’.
  • In the ‘System Properties’ window, click on the option’ Create’.
  • Fill up the description for the restore point and select the option ‘Create’.
  • The time restore points gets to create, choose the option ‘Close’.

Please note- The above steps are for Windows 10 users. For Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8, look for the correct steps and follow it.

  1. Check whether you have an activation code for your Kaspersky product.

After you’re done with creating a restore point, check whether you have Kaspersky activation code for your Kaspersky Lab product. You need to enter it after reinstallation of the product app.

Please note- The action code contains Latin letters and numerals which are divided into four groups of 5 characters.

In case, you purchased the Kaspersky product online then the Kaspersky activation code will be in the email from the online store. And if you purchased offline from the retail shop then you can look for the activation code on the quick start guide in the box.

  1. Go for deleting the files of the earlier installed Kaspersky product versions.
  • You need to download the removal tool for Kaspersky Lab products.
  • The downloaded file will appear on your resp. browser window.
  • Run the particular file.
  • The tool window will open to continue, click on the option ‘ I agree’
  • The removal tool will look for the remaining files of the previously installed Kaspersky Lab products.
  • For the successful installation, you need to remove all the detected files. Select the file from the list and type the code from the image.
  • Click the option ‘Remove’.

Please note- If you have installed 2015 version earlier then manually select ’Kaspersky AntiVirus\ Internet Security\ Kaspersky Total Security in the drop-down list.

Other Kaspersky product versions are detected, automatically.

  • Select the option ‘Ok’ to restart your PC.
  • Run the tool once again.
  • To delete the remaining app files, if they’re detected.
  1. Installation of Kaspersky Lab product.

If the problem or the issue still remains then you need to contact the Kaspersky technical support team, to get support for your issues.

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