How do I set or remove my default web browser for Kaspersky Safe Money?

Kaspersky Safe money is one best way to secure your online banking transactions. No matter how safely you use to access you bank account, hackers can still take you for a ride. You may end up entering you bank login detail to a website that looks genuine but is not. To eliminate this risk, Kaspersky total security and internet security offers you safe money extension.

Kaspersky Safe Money

When you buy a subscription, you get Kaspersky activation code so you can avail paid services. Activating the software becomes necessary when the trial version expires and you become vulnerable again. Do not give cybercriminals any change to take the advantage by installing Kaspersky safe money.

However, the extension can be a little complicated for new users to make changes. Generally, users access different web browser as per their comfort and thankfully, Kaspersky secure money works on all the web browsers. Now if you have set a default web browser but you want to change Safe money default browser, the following steps will help you change it.

Steps to change Kaspersky safe money default web browser

  1. Open your choice of web browser and go to Kaspersky websites via Safe Money
  2. Login to your account using the credentials associated with your Kaspersky security, if required
  3. Go to the Settings window of Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky total security
  4. In the left pane of setting window, select ‘Protection’
  5. As the options expands, select Safe Money, which will be in the bottom section of the tab
  6. Turn on the Safe money option, if it is not already on
  7. Now, back to the main Settings page > Additional
  8. In the Kaspersky total security/ internet security- Safe Money settings tab, click the button to see the list of browser opposite to “To proceed to websites from Safe Money window, use ”
  9. From the list, select the browser you want to use, or select Default Browser as per your choice.

This will help you to use the browser you want to browse on. Besides this, Kaspersky total security has other smart security features that keep your online world secured.

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