How to fix Secure Traffic Control Error in Mozilla and Thunderbird?

If you are trying to go to some other websites through your Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird browser but you are unable to do that, then it might be happening due to the certain restrictions imposed by Kaspersky antivirus. And the main reason is to install SSL certificate in your browser in order to proceed further.

So, what do I need to do to fix the issue? You just follow some simple steps in order to overcome the error:

  1. Installation of certificate for a browser with a centralized password
  2. Fix the numerous browser accounts problem
  3. Enable 8dot3name format problem

 Installation of certificate for a browser with a master password

    1. Go to your browser settings and remove your master password
    2. Now, restart your browser
    3. Once again reset your master password
    4. Now, the browser certificate has been installed
  1. Fix the multiple browser account problem
    1. On your keyboard press Win+R
    2. Type firefox.exe-p and click OK
    3. Now delete all the supposed account apart from the real one which you use
    4. Restart your Mozilla Firefox
  1. Enable 8dot3name format name
    1. First, verify if 8dot3name short URL format is enabled in your operating system
    2. Now, Run the command line as an administrator
    3. Run the command:

“Fsutil 8dot3name query’”

You will see the short URL name option

In case you find value 1-disabled then enable it:

  1. Uninstall the Mozilla Firefox
  2. Now, Run the command line as an administrator
  3. Run the command:

“Fsutil 8dotname set 0”

  1. Now, restart your PC
  2. Reinstall Mozilla Firefox

For more information on how to fix secure traffic control error or how to download Kaspersky via you can call the customer care support number. They will give you the best solution in no time.

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