How to use SIM Watch in Kaspersky Mobile Security 9?

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 comes up with many new features and one among them is the SIM Watch. This allows the customer to block the stolen device if the SIM card gets replaced and sending a specific number or email ID the new phone number. By default the SIM watch function is disabled.

Did you recently bought Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 and got stuck with the SIM Watch? Read this article to get help.

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Check out the steps as given below to enable the SIM Watch in Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 and detects the replacement of SIM card-

  1. Click the Kaspersky main window.
  2. Open the ‘Anti-Theft’.
  3. Select SIM Watch < current component status>
  4. SIM Watch window opens up.
  5. Check the ‘enable SIM Watch’.
  6. To look on the replacement of SIM card on the device-
  • In the ‘Send new number’ module for ‘Phone number’ setting to automatically receive SMS using the telephone you’re using.
  • In the ‘Send new number’ module, enter the email address in the ‘Email address settings’ to receive the email with the new phone number.
  • Check on the ‘Block device’ box in the ‘Additional block’ to block the device if the SIM card got replaced or the device is turned on with the SIM card removed. By entering correctly the application secret code to unblock the device.
  • Enter the message text in the additional module for the text when block setting, to display the message on the screen in the blocked status.
  • By default, the standard text is sent on the registered number for the message.
  • If the block checkbox is checked then the setting will be accessible.

Note– If you have any questions or concerns about Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 or any other product of Kaspersky then call on Kaspersky Support team to get help from them.

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