How Do I Add Websites To My Kaspersky Safe Money Database?

Online banking is not always as safe as people think it is, and ignoring this fact might make them suffer the influence of cybercrime. Therefore, to protect users across the world against online banking scams and account hacking strategies of cyber intruders, Kaspersky total security has developed Kaspersky Safe money for a protected transaction and banking experience.

Safe Money Database

Indeed, Kaspersky Safe money has almost every feature that a user may need to keep his data secured. Making one of the concepts clear about the Safe money, here, you will savvy to add a website to the safe money interface.

Steps to add a website to your Kaspersky Safe Money Database

  1. Launch Kaspersky total security Safe money on your computer’s screen
  2. From the main interface of Kaspersky Security Cloud, press Safe Money button
  3. Go to the safe money tab and press the ‘Add website to Safe Money’ link
  4. In the field below ‘Website for safe money (URL): and enter the website’s address
  5. Select an option from the below list that you prefer whenever the address is requested
  • Run a protected web browser
  • Prompt for action
  • Do not run a protected web browser
  1. Select an action that will be performed whenever the address is requested
  • To know about the option listed above, connect with Kaspersky support and the experts will guide you with the right option
  1. Click Add
  2. On the next page, a new entry of recently added site will appear in the left part of Kaspersky Safe Money window

In case the attempt fails to add the link to your Kaspersky Safe money interface, check whether the software is activated and valid. If not, then visit to renew the subscription and continue using the security services.

Alternatively, if you have different Kaspersky software, say Kaspersky total security, the same link ( will be used to activate the software.

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