Disable Kaspersky Antivirus Blacklist Error – kaspersky activation code

Kaspersky activation code –  Antivirus offers you the protection from all the threats including the trojans, malware, and virus. It gives great all the required multi-layered security level to your PC while you filter unsafe web pages while surfing the internet, and performing other tasks.

However, in possible cases, you may experience the error message while updating the database of your security software. The error message or the code appears is – ‘Your computer security is at risk. Blacklist of license is corrupted.’ The alert shown by the antivirus is red when this error message pops up.

The message of ‘Black list file of licenses is corrupted’ holds the same meaning as interrupted activation of the software. You can fix the problem by performing some troubleshooting steps. On the other hand, you can get help by experts of relevant concerns to give you a user-friendly Kaspersky Customer support so you can resolve the error problem.

Steps to disable Kaspersky Blacklist error:

  1. Click on the Kaspersky and launch the product on your system’s screen
  2. Go to settings and there you will have multiple options, choose “Additional” at the bottom of the menu
  3. On the list that appears, turn Off the ‘Self-Defense’ feature from your Kaspersky Lab antivirus
  4. Now, go to the upper right corner of the Kaspersky tab and go back after confirming to save the change you made
  5. Then, click ‘Advanced Settings’ option available at the top left corner of the window
  6. Click on the ‘Self-defense’ option and remove the check mark available right next to the Enable self-defense’ and at last, click on the ‘OK’ to continue
  7. Now, open the source location where you have save the main KasperskyLab file and delete the file named as ‘blst2-060d7g.xml’
  8. Change the folder settings to View enable or unhide the files and folder and change to classic view from the left option
  9. Go to home page on your Kaspersky software and click on ‘My update center’ to update the product
  • Keep your Kaspersky activation code ready as you need it while activation
  • If you are failing to go successfully through the Kaspersky activation process, get Kaspersky customer support immediately to fix it
  1. A new browser window will open up for the activation, if not, make sure you have active internet connection or else contact your internet provider to fix the problem
  2. Enter your Kaspersky activation code when you are directed to the respective page
  3. After the successful activation, go to the Taskbar section in the right lower corner of the screen, and click right on the Kaspersky icon to exit
  4. Perform a basic antivirus task and then enable the Self-Defense option

Make sure you have activated antivirus product. In case not, then visit Activation.kaspersky.com and use your Kaspersky Product key to activate. With a proper execution of the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, you can get rid of the problem. Or else, get Kaspersky Customer support to fix the issue.

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