How to get rid of unwanted browser pop-ups with Kaspersky?

Kaspersky total security and other products are popular for providing supreme security features. Whether you are facing poor performing pc or unwanted browser pop-ups, you can choose to install Kaspersky with activation code for active protection.

kaspersky total security

The problem of frequent browser pop-ups are annoying and everyone wants to get rid of them. Thankfully, Kaspersky antivirus can help users to block, or at least set down such troubles. You only need to subscribe to a product and a plan to get Kaspersky activation code. This will allow you for further access with which you can turn down unwanted browser actions. However, several methods can help you stop getting such pop-ups. So, continue with the information below and see what helps you. Try these methods to get rid of Web browser redirects and unwanted pop-ups.

Method 1: Install Kaspersky with activation code (select any of the products)

  • Download Kaspersky total security
  • Kaspersky internet security
  • Any other licensed product

Method 2: Enable riskware detection feature

  1. Open Kaspersky main user-interface
  2. Go to settings
  3. From the left pane, click on the ‘Additional’ button
  4. Press ‘Threats and exclusions’
  5. Under the types of detected objects, tap mark on the checkbox in front of ‘detect other software that can be used…’ message
  6. Now, run the update and do a full pc scan

Method 3: Check your network card for Domain Name System modifications

  • Configure the internet portal
  • Set the DNS changes to obtain the server address automatically

Following these steps will help you get rid of web redirects issues. However, make sure to download Kaspersky total security or any other product along and proceed to install Kaspersky with activation code.

Free versions might not help you get rid of such issues. In contrary, if you have been using a free product, update it with Kaspersky activation code

To get the code and install Kaspersky, visit the official site or Amazon to buy a plan. Continue with locating the key for licensed product download.

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