How to troubleshoot the Kaspersky Installation Error Code 1714?

Kaspersky antivirus is one of the top antivirus software developed by Kaspersky Lab for offering the protection against malware and other online threats to the users’ device. Despite of having several advanced features, sometimes the users may face some common issues or error codes while installing the Kaspersky product to their device. One such common installing error code is Kaspersky Installation Error Code 1714. The stepwise procedure to troubleshoot the Kaspersky Installation Error Code 1714 has been detailed in this article.

The Kaspersky Installation Error Code 1714 mostly due to the presence of other Kaspersky product being previously installed to the device. As the Kaspersky Installation Error Code 1714 occurs on the device, a message box is displayed on the display that shows the installation error message as shown below:

“An error has occurred during the application installation.

Error 1714. The older version of Kaspersky product cannot be removed.”


By following the methods in the same order as it has been detailed below, the users could easily troubleshoot the Kaspersky Installation Error Code 1714 on their device:

  1. Create a restore point:
    • First and foremost the users need to create the restore point to store the data of the device as backup.
    • To do so, launch the Start menu and in the search bar, type the “Create a restore point”.
    • And then, click the “Create a restore point” option, from the search results.
    • The ‘System properties’ window will be displayed on the screen. On this window, go the “System Protection” panel.
    • After this, tap the ‘Create’ button.
    • A small window will be displayed to the users. Here, enter a unique description for identification of the restore point. And then, click the “Create” button.
    • Once the restore point has been created successfully, click the “Close” button.
  2. Locate the Kaspersky Activation Code:
    • The users should make sure that they have a valid Kaspersky Activation Codee. a 20-character alpha numeric code, required for Kaspersky activation after its installation.
    • When the users purchase the Kaspersky product over internet connection, this Kaspersky activation code comes in the e-mails retrieved from the online stores.
    • Else, Kaspersky activation code comes in the form of printed text on the Quick Start Guide included within the Kaspersky product offline pack.
    • The users may contact the Kaspersky Customer Support toll-free number, if they have lost their Kaspersky activation code or facing trouble to locate it.
  3. Remove the residual files of Kaspersky product previously installed to the device:
    • Go to the Control Panel.
    • And then, select the “Programs” option.
    • After this, select the “Uninstall a program” option.
    • On the next window, a list will appear having all the programs installed on the users’ device.
    • Here, select the “Kaspersky” option and tap the ‘Uninstall’ option.
    • Once the uninstall gets completed, restart the device.
  4. Install the Kaspersky product:
    • Now, try to install the Kaspersky product to the device.
    • Visit the link, to get the instructions for installing and kaspersky activation using the Kaspersky activation code (valid license) for successful activation.

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