How to update Kaspersky application database?

Kaspersky is a computer security company that offers the best antivirus to the users. It has different types of internet security products available according to the consumers’ security need. Kaspersky’s products positive review by the users have gained immense popularity in the recent times and evolved as a game-changer.

Many times due to some reasons or glitches you may require to update your product so that you can use your antivirus in the best possible way. These reasons may be virus definition and latest features or technical bugs.


Well, Kaspersky Lab applications also keep checking the new updates and update the database on daily basis. Moreover, if you have already set your antivirus on auto-updated mode then it will automatically update and you no need to do by yourself, if it is not then follow all the below give steps.

  1. Open the Kaspersky interface, either by going taskbar on the right-hand side or double-click the icon at the desktop
  2. Click “Home” section
  3. Now, open the “Devices” in subsection
  4. Go to the panel of the device of interest and hit the “Manage” button
  5. After clicking the “Manage Button” the Device Management Window opens and the Information tab is already selected
  6. Choose the “Update” tab
  7. Choose the “Start” button

During the update the pop up appears with the remaining time and percentage and stop button will also be there. You will see one report displayed after completing the database update. You can also run database update supported by Kaspersky support remotely on your entire Kaspersky device on a single go.

For more information such as how to update the application database and how to activate your Kaspersky antivirus by using this link , you can call the customer care support phone number. You will get the best result in no time.

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