Kaspersky announces a new version of its small businesses software

Kaspersky, the popular cybersecurity brand has declared the upcoming version of its antivirus tailored mainly for the small businesses. Named as Small Office Security, the main purpose of this software is to render the businesses complete protection against ransomware and cryptominers. Like the well-established organizations, small businesses also need an equal level of security from the cyber crimes.


According to a report from Kaspersky, around 1/3rd of small businesses are vulnerable to the cyber attacks by viruses, malware, spamware, and other threats. The main reason behind such attacks is that the small organizations don’t keep cyber security and IT security at priority. In a statement made to the media, Kaspersky officials declared that the new version of Small Office Security software is something that anyone can use to secure their devices. In other words, no technical expertise is required to install it from activation.kaspersky.com.

The new or latest version of this dedicated software has a new way of sending the alerts for the notifications, a better method to go for auto-updates, an updated web console for installation along with the management of the Small Office Security software around the complete organization. On the top of that, it also renders enhanced security against the two most dangerous threats Ransomware and Cryptominers.

 Both these threats are considered as the most harmful online viruses. The former locks down your system and asks for the ransom to give its access back. On the other hand, Cryptomining involves verification of the crypto transactions and then its addition to the digital blockchain ledger. Hackers are using these two methods frequently to break into systems to access a business’s computing power.

The updated version will increase protection against both these types of cyber crimes. The dedicated security program works mainly for the MS Windows file servers along with the Windows computers. It automatically detects threats, saves and stores your critical data, and takes an immediate action if it finds a virus or threat. Small Office Security also ensures safe web browsing by including special features such as anti-spam, anti-phishing, private browsing, anti-banner, safe money transactions and more.

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