How Kaspersky Total Potection helps you Block Real-Time Threats

When it appears that your anti-virus isn’t working properly, it was like a dark cloud starts taking a grim shape over your head. To eradicate such a situation, everybody would prefer a solution that strikes so hard, precise and independent that it makes you forget about the security issues until the antivirus expires.

At the same time, they expect improvisation and impeccability as if everything garnished in a platter and serves to you with no efforts made on your part. Well, honestly, everybody’s expectations are quite close to that.


Kaspersky Total Protection

In fact, we share identical opinions and reasons to wish for a solution that serve the most. That’s why we prefer Kaspersky Total Protection, a security solution catered to meet all our security obligations. It provides an optimal balance between hands-off user experience and stringent protection with Kaspersky activation code.

Kaspersky Total Protection, in this sense, is estimated as a “Virus Killer” for its capabilities of detecting, removing, and blocking malicious contents and websites that may contain virus and malware threats.

Should we add websites and applications on Kaspersky Internet Security?

You might seldom face a situation when your opinion for a malicious website or application differs from that of Antivirus. You are positive concerning the legitimacy of a website or application yet the antivirus keeps arguing with you, contradicts with you, fights you, warns you, and even blocks you from accessing it due to suspicions over its content and keep alerting you with pop-ups.

This is quite possible as antiviruses are designed with an intention to block anything that seems suspicious for the health of your device. If it happens, you can surely force-add the website or link to the excursions list to prevent bothersome pop-ups every time you browse the site.

However, making your antivirus vulnerable to a potential threat might not be a good idea at all. Just bear in mind, forcing your anti-virus to evade a potential danger, you are subjecting your system files to the risk of infection. Do consider twice before implementing such a move as rarely but truly, even a perfectly legitimate app or website could be compromised and so does your computer if allowed access.

Nonetheless, if you are hell bent on altering the security pattern of your antivirus, you could to it on your own risk. Just follow the guidelines listed below in the same pattern as highlighted without skipping or altering the steps. You don’t need Kaspersky activation code for the process.

Steps to include a website or app to exclusion list of Kaspersky Internet security

  1. Open the Kaspersky Internet Security and go to “Additional” > Threats and Exclusions.
  2. Select Manage Exclusions or Specify trusted applications
  3. Select the app or website that you want to exclude from scan.

These steps will help you block the websites that are unsafe, which will give you a better internet surfing experience. In case you still want to access the websites, you can remove them from the same list you added in.

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