Do you know you can lock your cloud storage with Kaspersky? Here’s how

Protecting data on cloud has become easier now with the advanced security feature of locking the cloud storage with Kaspersky. Most of the users rely on cloud space to keep the data at a safer place, which also is a smart way to back the files when in case of they lose any. However, not every cloud server is as safe as you think it is! If you do not give it the right cloud protection, you can end up washing hands of all personal data.

cloud storage with Kaspersky

With Kaspersky’s cloud security actions, you are now able to lock the storage. If you are already using the software to protect your device, it is possible that you will not be paying attention to the files saved on cloud memory. Make a clever move by locking the storage space utilizing the smart features of Kaspersky.

To lock the cloud storage:

  1. Launch Kaspersky on the screen and go to Settings > General
  1. Now, get into the Passwords segment
  2. In the top right section of the window, click the more actions button to explore options
  3. choose the Lock storage option from the drop-down menu and set a strong password

In case you stuck up with an error, it is recommended to connect with Kaspersky support to get assistance from a reliable source. If you try to fix it by yourself, you can possibly make settings more complex.

Setting a password to your cloud space helps you control the access of others. For example, if you have left your phone or laptop on the office table and have set a lock, once can easily look through all the sophisticated data. If you are unable to set a password, check for the subscription and renew, if outdated.

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