Kaspersky Lab has declared an online voting solution.

Kaspersky Lab, the cybersecurity company has declared a blockchain- based online voting solution.

At Kaspersky Lab Business Incubator, the developer’s team has worked on an experimental project named as ‘Polys’. As per the commercial solution, it will grant anyone to accomplish secure, anonymous and flexible online voting which will assure that the results don’t get changed by any participants or the organizers.

Polys is based wholly on the smart contracts in Ethereum that grants ballot verification and vote poll to be performed in a distributed manner. However, the blockchain’s broadcast nature enables the network participants to validate the accuracy of the voting execution.

Head of Investment and Innovation at Kaspersky Lab, Vartan Minasyan said that while exploring the possible exercise on the blockchain, in particular, their team has realized that this particular technology is linked with the company’s cybersecurity competency could resolve the basic problems related to the privacy, clarity, and security of the online voting. They’re excited that they could finally able to generate a suitable environment for this innate innovation.

The Polys voting system is unique in the way that blockchain is uncorrupted and fall back with the mathematical algorithms. Kaspersky made clear that this will going to help in assuring the anonymity, hiding the common results and performing the calculations on the uncorrupted data which can’t get over in other blockchain systems.

The solution to the problem is that it has been a plan to support all the levels of the voting including any number of participants. Polys are highly estimable and can be done entirely flexible with the capacity of thousands of voters in the international corporations, political parties, universities, NGOs, global communities, etc. It can also be bespoke to specific requirements on the terms of authorization, alliance with other services, and the combined design.

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