How to remove Trojan on the Android phone using kaspersky activation.

Android phones have become quite popular among the masses, with the latest features and updation, bringing the world in a little box. Thus, the malware attacks on the Google Android OS have become a common target for the hackers and it is increasing at a huge rate.  According to kaspersky activation Lab report, almost all the malware attacks on smartphones and tablets target the Android operating system.

The hackers always go for creating a trojan horse that exploits the security vulnerabilities in Android phones which eventually give access to the victim’s confidential information on the device. Mobile security apps like Kaspersky activation Lab provides services of detecting and removing trojan malware thus total protection to Android devices.

  • Threats of Trojan horse

Mobile phones mostly get infected with trojan malware, from their trusted sources such as text messages or from the Android app known as ‘APK’. These Trojan often create backdoors which provide the hackers with the suitable opportunity to get access to the victim’s personal as well as confidential information on their Android phone.

The most practiced Android Trojan, which is known as ‘Backdoor AndroidOS.Obad.a’ was discovered by Kaspersky activation Lab. This tricky trojan malware which is using an Android vulnerability infects the devices as well as gains administrative authorization. If it gets successful then they go for confidential information from the infected device including the phone number, carrier, and Bluetooth Mac address.

  • Update Firmware

On the year 2013, Bluebox Security experts have discovered‘Master key’ vulnerability in the operating system that was existed since Android 1.6. This security flaw allows the hacker to get converted into a legitimate app into Trojan horse. After the vulnerability got disclosed, Google in February 2013 update to its operating system.

For these reasons, it’s very vital to update the latest firmware version available for your Android device.  To check the updates on your resp. phone or tablet, go for ‘System Settings’ then click on the ‘About phone’ option, followed by ‘System Updates’ option.

  • Malware Apps

Mobile security, Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite, and Lookout Security & Antivirus can very easily detect and remove Trojan from your Android device. To check for Trojans, you need to download and install a mobile security app from Google Play store. Once the app gets installed, go for scanning the device to activate it. The scanning report will let you know if any Trojan issue got detected or not.  You will be later prompted to remove the detected Trojan from your device.

  • Factory reset

This option is the other way to remove the Trojan malware from the Android OS. A factory reset will remove any saved data from the Android device, so it’s always recommended to back up the important data, before proceeding to next.

To back up the data and then perform the factory reset on your Android device, click on the option ‘System Settings’, followed by’ Privacy’. After this, you can back off any information before selecting the ‘Factory Data Reset’ option.

Please note- If at any point you think a particular app has been a source of the trojan then don’t for backing up for that app.

  • Caution on the exposed data

After you have successfully removed the Trojan malware from your Android device then you can for once assume that any sensitive data on your Android device got exposed.  After you have removed the malware, try to change any passwords or other sensitive information that might get compromised.

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